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10 key takeaways from our webinar with Thomas Cook

by The Orlo Team

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 22 October 2021

Heard all the hype about our Thomas Cook webinar but not been able to spare 45 minutes to have a proper watch? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve summarised 10 of the key takeaways for you, so you don’t have to miss out. Read on to get the lowdown in just 5 minutes - yep, it really will be that quick!

#1 - Understand the importance of a good reputation 👍

As a household name for decades, Thomas Cook had the benefit of brand fame and notoriety across generations - both on and offline. The strength of its physical operations gave the organisation a head start when gaining traction online. But it was the existing digital strength of the ‘old’ Thomas Cook, which liquidated in 2019, that allowed the brand to rise from the ashes as an online only holiday company.

#2 - Find your brand voice and stick to it 💬

From social marketing campaigns, to the social customer service and recovery journey, right through to the sales process, Thomas Cook has developed a consistent tone of voice across the end-to-end customer experience - an honest, human and personable one at that. With consistency comes recognition, reinforcing brand associations and cementing the organisation in the mind of the customer.

#3 - Be there on the channels your customers choose 💻

The launch of the all new Thomas Cook brand saw the business focused on being there for its customers. The team knew the modern day customer was more time-poor and focused on convenience than ever before, so wouldn’t proactively seek them out. Instead they had to be where their customers were, and as an online only business, they knew they had to be present on social media, so customers could reach them whenever they needed a helping hand.

#4 - Amplify the voices of your brand advocates 📢

Social channels provide the perfect platform for all of your customers to come together, no matter who they are or where they’re from. With so many interactions to monitor and get involved in, you’ll soon be able to suss out the people who really do love your brand, product or service, so be sure to join the conversation with your real brand ambassadors and amplify their voice - they really are your biggest advocates both on and offline.

#5 - Put customers and employees at the heart of everything ❤️

Thomas Cook knew that their frontline employees really could make or break the customer experience, and that the more satisfied their employees were, the better service they would provide. That’s why they prioritised putting their staff at the heart of their business, doing all that they could to enhance the employee experience. They wanted their social media teams to be truly immersed in the culture and fully on board with the brand personality so they had the confidence to let it shine on social.

#6 - Recruit the right people for the right roles 🙌

The type of people you recruit are just as important as how you treat them, so the travel brand hired people who are proud of the company they work for, passionate about the job they do and care about the customers they’re speaking to. With employees who were full of enthusiasm for their roles, they were able to develop a team of ‘super agents’ who were dedicated to resolving customer queries, no matter the topic - and armed with the knowledge to do so.

#7 - Choose the right metrics to monitor 📈

In the marketing, customer service and social media worlds, there are a myriad of metrics to measure performance, but that doesn’t mean you should be keeping a close eye on them all! Be selective about the numbers you monitor regularly - be sure they’re the right ones for your business, your team and you. If you measure the right things, in the right way, you’ll be able to get better guidance from your reports, enabling you to use the facts to adjust your strategies.

#8 - Know the importance of sharing insights 🔎

Information is king, but when departments don’t share the insights they’ve gleaned, it can hinder business progress. Luckily, Thomas Cook has got this covered! Their customer service and marketing teams are united in their social media efforts, sharing information between them in order to deliver a better customer experience. But the sharing doesn’t stop there - they provide insights to the whole business to enable data driven decisions to be made across the board!

#9 - Keep collaboration and communication at the forefront 🤝

The collaboration between customer service and marketing doesn’t end with dishing out data - in fact that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The teams are united in their approach to social media, ensuring they find the right balance between creative marketing campaigns that generate a buzz (and in turn lots of inbound interactions for the customer service team to handle!), and business as usual, providing them with some breathing space to get up to date with enquiries and hit their all important SLAs.

#10 - Don’t be afraid of making mistakes 😓

The biggest fear of any social media professional is publishing a post or response that completely misses the mark, or a Twitter storm erupting on the back of a disgruntled customer’s tweet. But the reality is, damage on social media can be relatively short-lived if handled appropriately in the moment. What this looks like for you and your team completely depends on the organisation and the situation, but with trending topics and viral posts being forgotten in a matter of days, if not hours, don’t sweat it - we all make mistakes.

Have these key takeaways piqued your interest? Want to hear more from David Child, Head of PR & Brand for Thomas Cook in our recent webinar? Just click the button below to watch his conversation with Nick Lygo-Baker, ex-Director of Customer Experience at Pizza Hut and Founder of Paradigm CX, and Richard Shilton, Head of Customer Success at Orlo.


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