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Start 2021 with a bang - here’s how to set your digital CX on fire

by The Orlo Team

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 17 December 2020

In these challenging times, it’s difficult to know when to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and when to play it safe (we totally get it!). But with the new year just around the corner, now’s the time to grab 2021 by the horns and seize the opportunity to make a massive impact on your digital CX. Whatever your goal this coming year - increasing engagement, becoming more strategic, gaining more insights - we’ve got you covered with our top tips on how you can achieve knockout stats that even your CFO will be happy with!

#1 See the wood for the trees 🌳

With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc on businesses across the globe almost a year after the pandemic started, it’s time to weigh up potential risks vs. changing up your digital strategy to secure positive impact on wider business goals. Customers are turning to social media and other digital channels like live chat in droves, providing you with an opportunity to improve your existing offering or implement a new customer service channel for your customers. In the short term, there is likely to be time, money and resources needed to pull this off (which might be a stretch!), but the long term impact to the wider business can’t be overlooked. For example, Ocado, the largest online-only supermarket in the world saw a huge spike in digital activity at the start of the first lockdown, with social media contacts per week jumping from 4k to 50k 👀. Rather than shutting down social or live chat channels, Ocado improved their CX and influenced a sustainable shift in customer behaviour while they were at it. Find out how here.

#2 Give the people what they want! (including your CFO!) 👏

Data is your BFF for sure, but even more so when embarking on a digital engagement overhaul. Analyse what digital marketing content is landing with your audiences and where your customer experience teams are succeeding and why. Then turn the volume up to 11! Invest time and resources in these areas of success to continue to drive the upward trend and deliver the ROI you need to meet wider business goals. Staying on target helps you show the value of digital CX even during times of economic downturn, securing further resources for you and keeping your CFO on side. Win-win. If the current climate has taught us anything though, it’s to expect the unexpected! So keep an eye on the trends your data is showing you and be ready to adapt your practices and strategies to maintain your level of success.

#3 Make sure you have the right tools for the job 🔧

The hidden cost of ineffectual activity across your digital CX is a big one, and we’re not just talking about time and money, but the morale of your employees too. From unnecessary manual tasks to swapping screens as you go from tool to tool, energy and headspace is simply lost. Working from home right now doesn’t help either, especially if the tools you use aren’t cloud based. Forbes found earlier this year that even after months of lockdown, employees still aren’t fully prepared to work from home. To really drive home all you’re trying to achieve, you need tools and processes that won’t let you down, no matter where you’re working from.

Orlo is jam-packed with features to help you set your digital engagement on fire in 2021 - from our powerful suite of analytics to our automation tools. Plus, we can get you set up in a flash! Get your digital engagement overhaul underway by booking your demo now.

The Orlo Team

The Orlo team are all here to support you, with great tips, tricks and updates. Orlonians are a bunch of genuine people who work hard every day to support our customers in delivering the best possible customer experience through digital channels.

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