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3 easy ways to spice up your social content this Valentine’s Day

by The Orlo Team

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 10 February 2022


Even if you’re not into all things heart-shaped, it’s impossible to deny that Valentine’s Day is both a content hotspot and an opportunity-filled event on the calendar. Across industry, this lovey-dovey day is perfect for showing your business’ softer side, especially through the medium of social media, where the conversation doesn't always have to revolve around product, prices and sales!

Whether you’re looking to push out promotions, or perfect conversations with your customers, let our social experience give you a helping hand with 3 easy tips to level up your social content on this year’s day of love. 

1. Spice up your design 🌶️

Add a little love to your brand by introducing a temporary Valentine’s Day colour palette into your design:

We're not saying that you should permanently change your brand - after all, there’s a whole lot of equity in your branding and, let’s face it, a pink and red vibe won’t suit every organisation. But a timely temporary logo change could draw fresh eyes to your social channels, as well as being just different enough to catch the eyes of age-old customers that could have gone a little brand blind. It happens to the best of us! 

We'd recommend keeping your quirky Valentine's palette to socials only - for the simple reason that, in our experience, consumers (and the brand management bosses) seem much more lenient to a novelty change across those more ‘conversational’ communication channels than if you suggest plastering new colours across your main website too. 

Make the most of your new look by filling up your Content Calendar to get your temporary designs in front of the world! Ensure you keep things consistent across channels by giving your teams access to any associated temporary imagery within your Content Library. After all, you better use it or lose it… Don’t forget to monitor whether a temporary new look drives a change in engagement too by keeping an eye on your Campaign Analytics, it could be the key to unlocking success in other notable days, weeks, or even months in the calendar year.

2. Be generous 💝

For many, Valentine's, just like Christmas, is yet another commercial excuse to shower your loved ones with gifts...  As much of an annoyance as it may be for those managing the budget, none of us can deny that we all love a good freebie - and that applies to our customers too! It doesn’t have to cost the earth either, sometimes on V-day it’s nice to be told how much you’re loved. So, if you haven't already, it might be worth having a think about a Valentine’s themed giveaway with plenty of heartfelt and friendly interactions as a way to treat your audience to some extra love and grow some positive brand affinity while you’re at it! 

Since the dawn of social media, giveaways encouraging people to follow, share, tag and like have been used across social channels to effectively create brand awareness and hit those all-important growth metrics. To us, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Track your progress using a tool like our Performance Analytics suite and make sure you're communicating any success with the powers that be - you deserve a pat on the back this Valentine's too!

You might be a dab hand at social media giveaways, but if you’re a competition virgin and wondering how to get started, here are 8 things to consider to get the ball rolling:

  1. Which key metrics are you aiming to improve with your giveaway?
  2. What prize can you pick that will entice your audience?
  3. What competition format will help you hit your key metrics - are you asking for likes, shares, comments or something else entirely?
  4. How long is your competition going to run for?  
  5. Will you promote your competition through various channels or just one?
  6. How are you going to pick your winner? 
  7. What details do you need from your winner in order to get their prize to them?
  8. How will you analyse your giveaway performance?

As for gifts, a little goes a long way on Valentine's, why not try offering a dinner for two or a bunch of flowers. After all, it’s the thought that counts. 


3. Remember the little things 💍

Valentine's Day is all about personal connections, so instead of pushing your products or services, why not seek engagement across your channels with some on-topic conversation starters instead! Asking questions like: ‘Tell us about your best/worst Valentine’s date?’, ‘Tell us what you’re planning for this Valentine’s?’, or, if you’re targeting B2B, you could even aim it towards a network of clients or business customers with questions like: 'what are your team doing this Valentine's?'. Remember, despite what all the rom-coms may lead us to believe, it's more likely that people will be working the usual 9-5 than being whisked off to the Eiffel Tower on Valentine's Day. 

Warning: sometimes people can get a little carried away with personal stories - we’ve all seen those meme-worthy exchanges! If you're worried your customers are the oversharing type, get ahead of any potential storms by setting up Triggers to alert you if certain words are used, so you can handle any NSFW content appropriately and ensure your brand isn't trending for the wrong reasons! Just remember, make sure you ask the right questions and don't exclude the singletons - you don't want to end up with your own Dear Diedre corner. 

Whether you're mixing up your design, drawing people in with giveaways, or trying to smash your engagement metrics with brilliant conversations, we'd love to see what creative campaigns you're sharing this Valentine's day! So if you're taking our advice, or even better, if you're disrupting this novelty holiday with something new and exciting, share your posts with the Orlo herd by tagging @HelloOrlo - we can’t wait to see what you've come up with!

The Orlo Team

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