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A day in the life of a customer support specialist

by Kate Williams

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 07 December 2020

Kate Williams is one of our Customer Success Team rock stars who dedicates everyday to empowering our customers to get the most out of Orlo, from problem solving and training to brainstorming new ideas - just call her Wonder Woman (she’s certainly our hero!). But what does it take to be a kickass customer support specialist? Kate reveals all her secrets as she recounts a typical day working for Orlo.

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Usually, at this time of year, my day would start with a walk to the village train station through the rust coloured leaves, before a short train journey into Birmingham City Centre. Then it’s up to the 7th-floor office that usually houses the Orlo Team (the view from up there is something else!) This year though, the commute to my desk at home is a lot shorter! (I still grab coffee on the way though!)

Now at my desk, I jump on a Google Hangout with the rest of the Customer Success Team to chat through anything new that we might need to be aware of in regards to our clients - from national news stories, out of hours queries to new product launches, no two days are the same! This Google Hangout is available all day and we often pop back in to have a catch-up or to put our heads together around issues clients are experiencing.

My workday proper then begins. As a Customer Support Specialist, my main role is to make sure all our clients have quick access to any help and support they may require so they can use the Orlo platform to its maximum potential. Customers have three ways to contact us, on the phone, via email or by using Live Chat, which is embedded into the Orlo platform (we use our own bespoke product, don’t you know!). Live Chat is the contact method of choice for most clients as it’s conveniently located and easy to use, but I answer the support phone line and process email queries. The key is to always be available on the contact channel the customers are comfortable using.

On top of everything going on, I make time for another main focus of mine - my role of Account Manager. I spend a lot of my day touching base with my clients to check how they’re getting on, discover what they like most about Orlo, what challenges they’re facing and offer advice around processes and areas of the platform they may not have explored yet. The personal touch goes a long way, and that suits me as I love putting faces to names and a good natter about anything and everything! Along with this, I conduct Customer Health Checks, create renewal reminders and make sure to keep track of any upsells in our CRM system

Being super organised and a multi-tasker to my core is a big advantage as things can get a bit hectic, but I’m proud to give my all and smash everyday! This does also mean that the days fly by and before I know it, it’s 5pm and time to log off for the evening before I do it all again tomorrow. Before starting at Orlo, I’d always worked in fast-paced, customer-facing roles and this one is no different. But it’s boss. Every day there’s a new challenge or something amazing to get involved in, like a customer who gets in touch to request a new feature or onboarding a new client who I can nurture as they take their first tentative steps into their new digital conversations platform. 

See, we told you Kate was amazing! If you fancy joining the Orlo herd, find out what Orlo’s all about here.

Kate Williams

Katie Williams is a Customer Support Specialist in Orlo's Customer Success team with cross-sector experience of delivering amazing customer service and technical support.

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