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The top 3 challenges in digital and how to conquer them!

by The Orlo Team

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 06 April 2022

Have you ever come up against a business challenge that’s had you flummoxed? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Overcoming challenges and problem-solving is a part of what makes us human. We’ve all hit our fair share of roadblocks over the years - and that’s okay! 

But with problem-solving comes innovation, and with innovation comes shiny, new stuff… yay! Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a product that allows you to listen out for potential challenges, understand their nature, and act to overcome them as quickly as possible… say hello to Orlo Insights

Wondering what kind of challenges other organisations are seeing and how can you identify them? Well, from working with over 300 brands, we’ve started to see big trends in 3 key areas - and the funny thing is, no matter what sector you’re in, whether you’re a rock-solid customer service team or a high flying troupe of marketeers, we bet they’ll still resonate with you. Take a look below at our top 3 challenges in digital and how to conquer them!


#1 Managing Brand Reputation ✅

As the saying goes, reputation is everything. But brand perception isn’t limited to customers or service users and doesn’t necessarily depend on any action or interaction a person has with your organisation. There are countless variables that can determine your brand reputation, from customer reviews and word-of-mouth social conversations to the customer service you deliver when things go wrong.


Have you recently released a new product into the marketplace? Perhaps sales figures began strong and have started to take a dip and you don’t know why? Well… it could have something to do with the noise around your brand. It’s so common in the digital world for opinions and bad experiences to snowball into something much more sinister - sometimes without you even noticing! While it may seem a little unfair to give negative feedback on your brand or service without directly mentioning it - wouldn’t the world be a much better place if you could still keep an eye on the chatter?

With Orlo Insights, you can now take listening to the next level by including Review Sites which enables you to oversee (and get a heads up on) a whole host of review platforms and feedback towards your products and services. Plus, if conversations around your brand or products are starting to crop up organically across social, blogs, forums, or even the press, you’ll be the first to, not only hear about it, but truly understand the impact it’s having on your brand using advanced Sentiment and Emotion Analysis, and visualisations that can help you pinpoint the trends within conversations across the web. 

More importantly than just allowing you to listen in to the conversation and begin to understand the frustrations and conversation drivers, Orlo Insights allows you to turn that insight into action from the Orlo platform’s Unified Inbox - allowing your brand to respond, or create strategically placed content campaigns to make an impact on any negative feelings that are starting to spread - or turning that frown upside down if you will.    


#2 Enhancing digital customer experience 📈

Delivering the best experience possible at every contact point with your customer is a huge task! Think about it, in just the drop of a hat you have to start thinking about Google and social advertising, brand visuals, the user interface on your website, ease of use, accessibility, UI, UX… and the list goes on. But where do you start chipping away if you want to make it better? 


If you’re a company that’s growing due to the new demands on digital channels, you’re probably seeing the volume of inbound messages to your customer service or comms team is following the same trend. Sometimes it’s a job in itself not to get overwhelmed, with messages getting lost in the system, customers experiencing long wait times, or even having to repeat details of their queries as they are passed between advisors.

Never fear though, there’s a simple solution to make that experience much tighter and relieve the pressures of high volumes of inbound! Using one Unified Inbox, alongside Orlo Insights, gives you access to inbound message Automation, so you can get the messages in front of the right people with the right knowledge to answer their queries as quickly as possible. Users also have the ability to assign messages to teams based on their skill sets, with messages segmented in a number of ways including by phrase, sentiment or emotion, all detected by AI. Now your customer service teams have the opportunity to make their contact even slicker, plus you can get the data to back it up too by building Reports from widgets tailored to your strategic goals. 


#3 Improving digital engagement 💍

Getting customers to engage with your content and conversations is no walk in the park! I mean, there’s no exact formula for what people find interesting, right? For us, it’s all about having the conversations in the right place and at the right time and using great data to inform your digital channel mix. 


Depending on the nature of your business, your digital mix might vary. Whether you’re hot on your email marketing, you’re constantly creating noise on socials, or you’re competing with the big boys on the digital ads front - you need to make sure you’re engaging with your audience. 

Orlo won’t be able to tell you exactly which channels you should use and how, but it will give you a great look into the trends, themes and topics that your audience is talking about. Using Orlo Insights, you can now inform your strategy with real-time data, find conversations and pain points around your product, and look into the channels that customers are using to talk about your brand. Data and reports like these are the perfect ammunition you need to create new campaigns, whether you’re looking to increase engagement, awareness or reputation - making things a little less hit and miss in the future.

With Insights’ advanced Social Listening, you can further improve engagement levels by identifying where your target audience is having their community conversations outside of your own social mix. Perhaps there’s more chatter on Twitter or more conversations on Reddit? Wherever the conversation, filtering out the noise around your brand is the key to building valuable engagement. With Orlo Insights, you’ll be able to quickly identify both advocates and detractors within conversations based on 28 different emotions and the sentiment of their posts, allowing you to engage and interact with the positive, and help soothe the frustrations of the not-so-positive. 


Wrap it up 🌯

Summarising the ways in which you can conquer the challenges of digital is, ironically, a challenge in itself. There are always going to be obstacles to overcome and you’re definitely not alone, but in our not-at-all-biased opinion, Orlo Insights will get you closer to your goal. Whether you’re looking to manage your brand reputation, enhance your CX, or improve your digital engagement - we can help put you on the right strategic path to help you achieve just that!

For us, it’s all about going that one step further, saying goodbye to the quick-win mentality, and allowing yourself to listen to the conversation, understand what’s working and what’s not, and act to solve challenges, or amplify the positives, in the right way all in one platform!

Plus, a bit of luck never hurt anyone either!




The Orlo Team

The Orlo team are all here to support you, with great tips, tricks and updates. Orlonians are a bunch of genuine people who work hard every day to support our customers in delivering the best possible customer experience through digital channels.

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